Humidity Lifestyle Clothing

When you browse through our range of Humidity Lifestyle clothing, you will already feel cooler just by looking at all the lightweight fabric that just shouts cool, calm, and collected. The clothing is all made from breathable fabric with summer and winter options.


  • Humidity lifestyle is perfect for our humid weather with various options, including a Harlow shrug and a ruby hi-neck for the winter. The breathable fabric will keep you warm but comfortable enough in humidity.
  • Summer time. Pair a breathable scrunchie top with a Margherita hat on a hot summer's day, and finish off your look with a linen jacket and Charlie pants.
  • Dresses. Perfect for spring or autumn when there is a bit of a chill in the air, our dresses, such as Promise or Isabella, are perfect for the in-between seasons and provide a bit more coverage than a sun dress.

Humidity Lifestyle keeps all women cool and comfortable no matter the weather. Shop online or in-store in Port Lincoln for other brands, including Foil, Swanndri and Thomas Cook.